Friday, September 12, 2014

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This week's question:

Before blogging, how would you find out about new books or did you? 

Actually, the one thing that I really miss since I read mostly ebooks now and have kids, is going to the nearest Barnes and Noble store and just browsing the shelves.  I used to spend hours making lists of books I wanted to read and I loved when someone would see me holding a certain book and start up a conversation.  I still browsed online a lot too but there was just something special about going to the book store.  I still go but it has gotten very rare. I don't have as much time these days.  It's something I would really like to add back into my life, even it is only a few times a year.  I also had a mother-in-law who was a huge reader and we would talk about books all the time.  There are many fantastic books that I would never have read if it hadn't been for her recommendations.

How about you?                 


  1. I remember in college my roommate and I would go to Half Price Books and spend half of a Saturday there. I loved it.

  2. You should bring your kids to B&N and browse at the same time, ahaha. I bring my sister to browse with me (she trolls the children's section and I troll the YA section). I'm your 200th GFC follower? Do I get a prize?? *Also followed through Bloglovin'

    Axie @ Books are Bread

  3. I was the same with Borders! My fave bookstore, I would beg my mom to take me like once a week! Sometimes I would say I already know what I want! Other times I was like, I NEED a new book to read! And over an hour later I'd come out finding one. Yup, one.

    But it was always worth it! I loved it!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. I miss bookstores too. I meantioned wanting to browse one the other day and my husband was like "Why? You have a kindle and an iPad." Thay just don't get it. lol Followed you on Boglovin, Twitter, and Gogle + My FF

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  6. I love meeting people while browsing for books =) I remember spending a half hour talking to a girl with similar book taste at BN XD Anywho, I normally ordered books via those book clubs XD Seemed like a good idea when I was younger, but they ended up costing me more in the end!

    New follower bloglovin =D

    Guinevere & Libertad @ Twinja Book Review's #FF

  7. Hi, I'm a new Bloglovin' follower. I love going to books stores too. It's much more fun than browsing online as you get to see the covers in their full glory and can feel and smell the books. Most book shops have a good atmosphere. Our local Waterstones branch is right near the bus stop that I use to get home from work each day, and I can never resist popping in to see what's new.

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  8. Ah the times when one would actually go to the bookstore to find new books....good days, I miss them too! =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm a new bloglovin follower!