Thursday, November 5, 2015

Novella November

This will be my first year dabbling in the world of the novella.  I was kindly given one a while back in exchange for a review and it opened my mind to a whole new world of reading.  So, starting today, I am going to spend my November looking for and devouring as many novellas as I can find.  Have suggestions? Please share them! Let's see what engaging new authors and stories I can discover.

I'm including the novella I read last month even though it wasn't really November and my list will grow from there. Happy reading to all those participating!

  1. Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish by G.G. Andrew
  2. The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett



1 comment:

  1. just read "The Room" by Jonas Karlsson. Excellent. If 'Office Space' or 'The Office' were written by Kafka, it would be this novella.