Monday, January 4, 2016

#OneWord in 2016

All We Need is #OneWord in 2016

One word... I've been thinking about it for a while now and I've narrowed it down to three.  One choice is essentialism because I'm participating in a book study and webinar series on accomplishing more with less and creating positive life goals.  However, I could also choose growth because this year, I'm not only a reader and a book blogger but also one of the hosts of the #sixtybooks reading challenge for 2016!  I'm loving the whole process and really feeling like I am beginning to move to the next level as a blogger.  Finally, cherish would be my third option.  I would choose this because the older I get, the more I realize that life moves too fast and often quality time is lost in the shuffle of jobs and activities.

So, as I wrote the last sentence, it seemed perfectly clear which word is the most important to me. I'm going with CHERISH and I'm going to make a goal to cherish all things, especially time with my children outside of driving them to and from their activities.  And that... is my word for 2016.  

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  1. Cherish seems perfect to me. I'm trying to cherish the time I have with those I love too.

  2. Cherish reminds me to enjoy the moment. Very nice.