Monday, January 1, 2018

My Challenges 2019

It's time to decide on my reading challenges for 2019.  I love participating in challenges, even if I don't make my goals.  I don't put any pressure on myself and just do my best as I move through my year of reading.  There are so many challenges out there but this year, I'm picking just a few that really seem to match my reading style.  

Want to participate in some reading challenges this year? Check out this site that has a huge list of offered challenges.  Enjoy!

I host the #Sixtybooks challenge so it is a given that I am participating also.  No pressure.  Just a goal to make reading a priority in your life daily.  If you make it to sixty... great!  If not, that's ok too.  Feel proud of your reading life and share it out on Twitter at #sixtybooks!

I participated in the Cloak and Dagger challenge last year as well and I loved participating in the Facebook group.  I fell off the wagon when it came to tracking the books that fit this challenge but I read a lot.  My goal this year is to keep up my level of active engagement with the group.  I'm going for "amateur sleuth" level.

I rocked the Audiobook challenge last year! I've been using Audible on my commute to work and I surpassed my goal easily.  I'm going for the "socially awkward" level of 15-20 audiobooks.  

Of course I'm doing the Goodreads challenge as well with a goal of #sixtybooks.  This is also where I keep track of all my reading.  Such a great website!

Happy Reading 2019!

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  1. I'm also doing the Audiobook and Discussion challenges, along with Goodreads. Good luck!