Challenges 2017

For 2017, I'm participating in several challenges and I'm really excited about all of them! For 2016, I was excited to reach my reading goal and this year I plan to make it to 60 or more again by December 31st.  My TBR is growing by the minute!

Challenges I'm Hosting:

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Challenges I'm Joining:

I'm in!  I listen to audiobooks to and from work every day so I love this challenge!  I'm going for the Socially Awkward level which is to listen to 15-20 books this year.  Since I started listening to books in the middle of the year last year, it will be interesting to see how high I get! 

I've done this challenge before and really enjoyed it so I'm in for 2017 as well.  I'm going for Maiden level which is 6-10 witchy books and I don't see it as being a problem to reach this goal.  Looking forward to these books!

I join the Goodreads Reading Challenge every year.  My goal is 60 books which also fits with #sixtybooks and my progress is nicely kept on Goodreads and on the widget I display on my blog.

Finally, I'm going to try the Cloak and Dagger challenge.  For this one, I'm going for the Amateur Sleuth level, which is 5-15 books in the suspense/mystery/thriller genre.  I may pass this number but I can alway move up later in the year.

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