Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Losing it

Omg! I finished a book and read a whole other one last night, stopping only when I finished at about 1:30am.  I do this way too often.  I just happened to browse a blog that featured this book and it sounded like a good, fun read.  I would never have bought it without reading the blog because I don't like the cover photo at all.  But... it wasn't too long and I wasn't that tired so I bought it and dove in.  My instincts were right on track and this book really was enjoyable.  I found myself laughing out loud a few times and being completely embarrassed with the main character, whose name is Bliss.

The plot is basically about a theater major in her senior year who, at 22 years old, is still a virgin.  Apparently, this is a big deal, not for Bliss, but for her friend Kelsey, who is determined to rid her friend of this,"problem."  To keep it short, Kelsey drags Bliss to a bar and just as Bliss is about to give up and go home (after several shots for her nerves), she sees a guy reading Shakespeare and says, "If that's supposed to be a way to pick up girls, I would suggest moving to an area with a little more traffic."  It begins from there.  She brings him home with the intent of "Losing it" but things don't really end up working out quite the way she planned.  What is even worse is when she walks into her class the next day and finds that Mr. Shakespeare is her new professor.  You have to read it if you want to know more but I kept turning the pages until it was over and was very satisfied with the ending.  Nothing too deep or tragic.  Just a nice light read that would be great for the beach! I would probably most recommend it to the college set but I am a good deal older than that (in years anyway) and I thought it was quite enjoyable.


  1. I agree about the cover but it was a really fun read. I was laughing out loud - especially at the beginning.

  2. Definitely on my list of fun reads for the summer!