Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: Sixth Grave on the Edge

I have had this book on my wishlist for so long and of course grabbed it as soon as it was published.  I devoured it immediately and it did not disappoint.  My only regret... reading it so quickly when I have to wait another five months for the next book.

Synopsis from Amazon:
Most girls might think twice before getting engaged to someone like Reyes Farrow—but Charley Davidson is not most girls. She’s a paranormal private eye and grim reaper-in-training who’s known to be a bit of a hell-raiser, especially after a few shots of caffeine. Her beloved Reyes may be the only begotten son of evil, but he’s dark and sultry and deeply sexy and everything Charley could hope for. Really. But when the FBI file on Reyes’ childhood happens to land into her lap, she can’t help herself: She opens it...and then the real fun begins. First, Charley finds a naked corpse riding shotgun in her car. Then, a man loses his soul in a card game. Throw in a Deaf boy who sees dead people, a woman running from mobsters, and a very suspicious Reyes, and things can’t get any worse for Charley. Unless, of course, the Twelve Beasts of Hell are unleashed…

My Review:
Another winner from Darynda Jones.  This has quickly become one of my favorite series.  I never get tired of the characters.  They all bring their own brand of fun to the story.  Charley continues to make me laugh out loud as I read but she also wears her heart on her sleeve, often putting the needs of others above her own. She still ends up in every possible bad situation and this just makes the book even harder to put down. Reyes, her almost fiance, is a perfect mix of deep, dark, and deadly and incredibly hard to resist.  We did get to learn a bit more about him in this book and I found it hard at times to remember he was the son of Satan because he was so protective and caring toward Charley and her friends.  Finally, I can't forget to mention Cookie, Uncle Bob, Artemis, and Angel.  I love them all, every one.

There is plenty of action in this book and things are definitely escalating.  In addition to Charley's obsession with coffee, the naked ghost in her jeep, the ghost stuck to her face, and Mr. Wong in the corner of her apartment, it is easy to see that something big is on the horizon, something big and bad.  The main case Charley works in this book is locating a demon who has taken a man's soul.  He wants it back and she vows to help him.  In addition, she and Garrett are also trying to figure out what the prophecies about her and Reyes really mean and it isn't looking good. We have been leading up to a big event since the beginning and I feel we are getting closer to finding out what that event is going to be.  I can only hope that whatever crisis these characters face, even if it is the possibility of the end of the world, that they somehow come through it together.

Even with all of these ominous clouds of doom approaching, I did laugh out loud often as I read, probably even more than in the other books.  I could make huge lists of favorite Charley Davidson sayings and laugh over and over again every time I read them. I continue to love the t-shirt and bumper sticker sayings at the beginning of each chapter.  My favorite one in this book being, "I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure."  I also loved when the ghost of Miranda stuck herself to Charley's face and Charley says, "and for the love of pancake syrup, get her off of me!"  I could go on and on but I'll control myself...

In all seriousness, this series is truly enjoyable.  If you like paranormal romance with attitude and you haven't tried this series yet, please pick up First Grave on the Right.  I promise, you will not be sorry.

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