Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: The Goodbye Witch

This is the fourth book in Heather Blake's Wishcraft series, so if you haven't had a chance to enjoy any of these books yet, be sure to start with the first one, It Takes a Witch.  These books are sassy, fun, and yes... just a little bit witchy.  Perfect for the beach or when you have a few hours to relax.

Synopsis from Amazon:
As Enchanted Village’s resident Wishcrafter, Darcy Merriweather has the power to make other people’s wishes come true, but what she really wishes is that she had the power to uncloak the invisible man who’s stalking her best friend....
Darcy’s closest friend and fellow witch, Starla Sullivan, hoped she’d never see her ex-husband, Kyle, again. Two years ago he tried to kill her, and he has been a fugitive ever since. Now Starla claims to have seen him back in Enchanted Village, but it seems she’s the only one who can see him. To everyone else, her ex is invisible.
Darcy only wishes his motives were as transparent as the rest of him. Since the police can’t arrest someone they can’t see, it’s up to Darcy to find the secret behind Kyle’s latest disappearing act—before he does something they can’t see coming….

My Review:
There are a lot of things I really like about this series.  First off, they are light and fun. When I pick up a Heather Blake book, I know exactly what I am going to get and that I will most likely not be able to put the book down until I finish it.   I know that it will have an intriguing mystery for me to solve and that a few twists and turns will be thrown in with the real clues so that the story isn't too predictable.  I know that I will smile, possibly get a bit emotional, and laugh often.  All of my favorite quirky characters will be there to greet me and I will get just the right amount of romance.  And finally, the fact that there is magic in the story is like the glittery icing on the cake.

The Goodbye Witch was completely satisfying.  The setting of the Enchanted Village never gets tiring, especially if you are someone like myself, who loves the idea of witches and magic.  Darcy, our main character, is kindhearted and, because she didn't have much of a family life growing up, considers all those she cares about part of her family and will do anything to help them.  I love that Darcy and Nick's relationship, although not perfect, is solid.  They aren't being consistently torn apart and their romance really isn't even the focus during most of the book.  I instead got to immerse myself fully and sleuth along with Darcy as she got her hands dirty trying to figure out how to clear Starla's name and figure out what really happened to Kyle.  I often found myself jotting down hunches or little notes that I felt might be clues to the story. I find this to be part of the fun of reading a cozy mystery.  

If you have been reading this series, I'll just say that in my opinion, this is the best book yet and there are some big reveals!  No spoilers here though.  You have to grab it for yourself. Happy reading!


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  1. This sounds good!!! I'll have to check this series out!