Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: The Hexed

There is nothing better, in my opinion, than reading a Heather Graham book while sitting at the pool or the beach.  I particularly love the Krewe of Hunters series because of the paranormal element.  I know I can always count on a good mystery with a little bit of ghostly suspense and some romance. The Hexed was a lot of fun!
Devin Lyle has recently returned to the Salem area, but her timing couldn't be worse. Soon after she moved into the eighteenth-century cabin she inherited from her great-aunt Mina—her "crazy" great-aunt, who spoke to the dead—a woman was murdered nearby. 
Craig Rockwell—known as Rocky—is a new member of the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI's team of paranormal investigators. He never got over finding a friend dead in the woods. Now another body's been found in those same woods, not far from the home of Devin Lyle. And Devin's been led to a third body—by…a ghost? 
Her discovery draws them both deeper into the case and Salem's rich and disturbing history. Even as the danger mounts, Devin and Rocky begin to fall for each other, something the ghosts of Mina and past witches seem to approve of. But the two of them need every skill they possess to learn the truth—or Devin's might be the next body in the woods….

My Review:
Salem, Massachusetts and its history with witchcraft have always fascinated me and this was just a bonus when I picked up this newest installment of the Krewe of Hunters.  Our main male lead, Rocky, is of course tall and handsome. He is the newest member of the Krewe and this murder case has personal history for him.  Devin is our female lead.  She is also gorgeous and is just realizing that she can see the dead.  There are actually quite a few characters in this book.  All of Devin's friends who are almost all suspects in the murders, and plus a few other Krewe members who come to help.  The author however, easily introduced everyone and there was no confusion as to who was who.  The characters were all interesting to read about and I found myself creating theories about who the murderer was and then revising them because I was wrong.  I love that in a mystery and this one wasn't predictable at all.

There was a good deal of Salem history shared in the story in the way of major events, important places, and family histories.  I have a crazy urge to up and take a mini vacation this year to visit the town and learn more.  Of course there is always a slow burning romance in these books as well but it doesn't overshadow the story.  It is just a light read, fairly quick. A good, fun paranormal mystery romance. 

If you aren't familiar with Heather Graham's Krewe of Hunters stories, they usually come in threes.  You can read them in almost any order.  The only benefit to reading them in order is that, even though there is one main Krewe member, you often see familiar Krewe characters from past books.  If you want to start from the beginning and read the first three, start with Phantom Evil.  Enjoy!
You can find the full series in order here:

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