Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blog Tour: Tess in Boots

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  :)

Tess Dougherty plans every aspect of her life right down to the last detail. But she doesnt plan on running her boyfriend off by bringing up the topic of marriage before hes ready. And she doesnt plan to lose her job on the day shes set to receive a huge promotion. So when her perfect world unravels, Tess makes a new plan: disappear.

Tess packs her bags and leaves her city apartment for a remote vineyard in North Carolina. At first, shes put off by the slow pace of small-town life in the South. Shes especially irritated by Thatcher, the vineyards smart-mouth, dimple-faced farmhand. But she soon begins to appreciate the areas charm, and Thatchers charm, too. She even swaps her trademark heels for a pair of cowboy boots. As Tess spends more time getting to know Thatcher, she finds herself loosening her grip on her old life little by little. Unfortunately, things on the vineyard arent as simple as they seem. Theres a secret here, and when the truth comes to light, Tess is forced to reconsider every plan shes ever made.

My Review:
This wasn't an extremely long book but it was an enjoyable one.  Tess is your typical city girl who is at a point in her life where big decisions are abundant.  She is easy to relate to because almost every girl has had to deal with these types of decisions and we have all big dreams and our hearts broken.  I rooted for Tess right from the beginning and hoped that she would find her happy ending.  Just from the type of book this is, I could tell from pretty early on how the story would end but that didn't take away from the fun.

Tess went from being organized and focused to being a bit of a hot mess pretty quickly. As soon as she arrived at her brother's house, she and Thatcher had immediate chemistry.  There were however, a lot of bumps in the road as they slowly started a relationship, some of these bumps had me laughing out loud and others were more sad or serious. The fact that almost everyone in town thought Tess was a stripper due to a misunderstanding when she first arrived in town was quite amusing and the back story about the boots was touching.  The story itself was very sweet and leaves you feeling good when you finish it.  It is racy and it was nice to read a clean book that still held my attention to the point where I didn't want to put it down. I would definitely read another book by this author in the future.  

If you are looking for a light romance novel that has and interesting plot and a happy ending, grab this one and dive in.  It is perfect for the beach or for a rainy day when you have a few hours to spare. Be sure to check out the book trailer below and then scroll down to the bottom and enter the giveaway!

Author Bio:
Courtney Rice Gager graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelors degree in communication and a minor in creative writing. Courtney is also the author of The Buggy List. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter.


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