Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Lost in Lies

I've always enjoyed fairytale adaptations, but anything involving Peter Pan sparks my interest immediately.  This has always been one of my favorite fairy tales and I love to see the various ways in which authors put a twist on them.  It doesn't matter if it is a children's book, a YA novel, Adult, etc... I'll read it.  I enjoyed Get Lost, the first book in the Never Say Neverland series by Xavier Neal. This title, Lost in Lies, is the second installment and I'm already anxiously awaiting the third.  :)

Synopsis from Amazon:
When Peyton left her entire world behind to treasure hunt with the infamous gang known as The Lost Boys, she expected to just be used in cases of emergency. After all, what does she really know about conning and stealing? Aside from pulling a fast one over on her parents and the sexy fedora wearing Justin Ryan, who introduced her to the art of theft, she really is clueless about most things in that category. Seducing a teenage billionaire because he just so happens to have the next clue on this mission she willingly let herself get sucked into? Don't think that's enough pressure for a seventeen year old? Try adding on the fact she's being hunted by her parents, some mythical society she knows nothing about, as well as a rival gang from Neverland, the place they were supposed to be headed. And just when the complications are wound tighter than Belle's mini skirts, she's stuck making that choice every teenager hates making. Family? Or friends?

My Review:

This is definitely one of the stranger versions of Peter Pan that I have read, but it is also one of the most interesting.  When I first started the series and found that Peter was being portrayed as an obnoxious late teen with a drinking issue, I was both disappointed and intrigued at the same time. The main characters ended up being Peyton Darling and Justin, who is one of the lost boys, with Peter, Belle (Tinkerbelle), a couple more lost boys, and some villains of course.  Once I finished the first chapter, I was completely hooked.  I loved the mystery they were trying to solve, and ended up adoring all of the characters, including Peter, who is definitely NOT the hero thus far in these stories.  Peyton's character started out a loner but slowly opened up as her relationship with Justin grew and she saw the temptation of another path in life.  At the end of the first book, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second to see where the author took Justin, Peyton, and the rest of the gang.

This book starts up right where the first story leaves off.  In fact, if you buy this book, you actually get both books in one purchase.  A potential love triangle starts and Peyton begins to question the decision she made in becoming part of Peter's gang.  She experiences a lot of growth in this book and she is thrown head first into this new life.  Plenty of action scenes with a nice plot that wasn't too complicated and stems from the first book.  The relationship between Peyton and Justin (and Nick) is a big part of the story but the plot came first, romance second.  It was a fast and fun read and I found myself laughing several times at Peyton and Peter's constant bickering and his obnoxious behavior.  It still cracks me up that the author painted Peter in this light.  He continues to be a huge jerk but we do start to see a glimpse of a heart in this story.

Magic does exist in the book but again, the plot is at the forefront.  The characters can fly, there are some magical weapons and potions, and of course there is a ship that can take them back to Neverland, but we haven't traveled there... yet.

This has become one of my favorite YA adaptations of the story.  I think I like it the most because it is so off beat.  Both books are a quick read and a lot of fun.  

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