Saturday, June 27, 2015

Review: Where the Dead Walk

I had never heard of this author before but if anyone knows me, they know that I LOVE books that delve into the supernatural.  Do I believe in ghosts?  I'm still undecided on that topic but any book that deals with the paranormal or TV/movies that focus on the paranormal are in my opinion, fascinating.  I found this book as I was browsing other book blogs and it caught my eye right away. As soon as I read the blurb, I grabbed it.

Synopsis from Amazon:
Kate Bennett, presenter of paranormal investigation cable TV show, 'Where the Dead Walk', isn't sure what she believes, other than she seems cursed to lose all those closest to her. After investigating a neglected cliff-top house, empty for a decade because it's 'haunted', Kate is convinced a spirit within holds the answers to a childhood she can't remember and an unimaginable crime. What she can't know is that the house's owner, Sebastian Dahl, is searching for something too, and he intends to get it, whatever the cost. 

My Review:
Where the Dead Walk was truly entertaining.  I didn't want to put it down.  When I did, I couldn't wait to get back to it.  You Have to enjoy the paranormal to enjoy this story because it is "ghostly" from beginning to end.  The characters were easy to relate to and memorable.  I felt a huge amount of empathy for Kate, who has had more than her share of bad luck in life and there were a couple of spots in the story where I was angry at the obstacles thrown in her way when she was so close to experiencing happiness.  Henry was perfect as the crew member/hero of the story who loves Kate and is determined to come through for her, even when she seems blind to her own bad decisions.

The book has many spooky scenes and several twists and turns.  It is easy to follow but I did find myself having to go back once to make sure I understood correctly what was happening. Most of the time however, I was completely engrossed in the storyline.  It wasn't overly violent and reminded me of a good old-fashioned scary movie.  

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