Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs

The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs is the second book I read for the books of fall.  It was generously given to me in exchange for an honest review.  

The first thing that attracted me to the story was the premise.  I loved the idea of a grown woman going back to her hometown to confront the person who bullied her in school.  I mean, who hasn't wanted to go back in time at one point or another to make a different decision or get a second chance at something? Caroline isn't exactly going back in time but she is trying to deal with her past in the hopes of moving forward.  Caroline isn't an unhappy person in the story but she does feel that her introverted behavior is in part due to her past experiences.  This is a story of growth, not only for Caroline but also her daughter Polly and for their relationship.  I applauded Caroline's determination to go back and face something that has been eating away at her for years. I think many of us can relate to her story in one way or another. 

I liked the book.  I liked Caroline, and Polly was the perfect example of a teenage daughter going through a stage of her life when she feels no one understands her.  This isn't a story full of action and adventure but it was still a page turner in my opinion.  I wanted to see how Caroline's journey ended and I was happy with the result.  I closed the book knowing that she would be ok and on a new path in life.

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