Thursday, August 13, 2015

Audible Reviews: The Silenced and The Forgotten

Have you ever gotten stuck in a book series and each time a new installment comes out, you have to grab it right away? Even though you know that every book in the series follows the same pattern? You know there will be a happy ending, boy gets girl or vice versa, and the mystery is solved, but you still keep reading?  The Krewe of Hunters books are that series for me. Now, it might seem from what I wrote above that these books may not be good but that is not the case at all. I actually love them!  

For those who have never read a book in this series, there are a few things to know. First, all of the books follow a specialized unit of the FBI called the Krewe of Hunters, who investigate cases that have an element of the strange or paranormal.  Each member of the Krewe has an ability that lends to the solving of these cases and new members are being added to the group all the time.  So, even though new characters are the focus in each new installment, the original characters are almost always play a role in the stories as well. Second, if you haven't figured it out already, every book in the series has a paranormal element to it. While they do follow a basic crime-solving mystery format, most of the books have a mild horror element to them and almost always involve the ghosts of the dead helping to lead the way.  Some of them also have a historical element to them as well, which is an added bonus for me. Finally, the two main characters always become involved with one another about midway through the story so there is definitely some romance as well.  Usually, the books are in sets of three but almost any of them can be read as a stand alone. 

These are fairly quick, fun reads and perfect if you need a book for the beach or a weekend getaway.  I love to read them in between deeper books because I know I can count on Heather Graham to give me a spooky story that won't disappoint.  The next Krewe of Hunters book comes out in September and I will await it as patiently as possible.

I listened to both of these books on  I've just started listening to books but I still enjoy reading the actual books more. When I read, I imagine the voices of the characters and it adds to my enjoyment of the story.  When I listen to one person do all of the voices, including those of the opposite gender, it just isn't quite the same so I'm not totally sold on audio books yet.

Click on either of the books to see the synopsis for each on Amazon.  Click here to see all of Heather Graham's books, including the Krewe of Hunters books and their order on her website.  Enjoy!

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