Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review: Dead Mountain

I first saw this book in my Bloglovin' feed and it immediately peaked my interest.  I've always loved reading about true events that have an element of mystery to them.  I had never heard of this tragedy so I researched it online a bit further and then decided to purchase the book. A very interesting read to say the least.

So, as I said, I never heard of The Dyatlov Pass Incident before.  Partially, I'm sure, because it occurred way before I was born and partially because it happened in another country.  Nine hikers went on a journey into the Ural Mountains and never returned. After searching for weeks, their bodies were found but under very strange circumstances.  The hikers were found away from the tent, not dressed properly, and with various bodily injuries.  This book follows the trail of the hikers until the last day of their lives and also follows the author, a man who re-examines the case in present day and retraces their route looking for answers.  The chapters flip flop from past to present, putting the reader in both the past and present.

I really enjoyed this book. It was fascinating to hear about all of the evidence and the possible theories about what really happened to the hikers.  The author does a really nice job of telling their story up until that last night.  I also really liked the way he takes his most probable theory and writes a last chapter about how that final night may have truly played out.  While the book doesn't have the action/suspense of a fiction novel, I still found it to be quite the page turner and commend the author for the lengths he went to trying to find the truth.

The cover photo above will take you to the synopsis on Amazon. I would completely recommend this to anyone who likes unsolved mysteries or cold case files.

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