Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Crescendo

It was just as I predicted.  As good as Crescendo was, and it was excellent, I was frustrated through most of it because Patch and Nora just couldn't get it together.  This installment had a ton of action and a few really good moments between the two main characters between the turmoil, which is mostly caused by Nora's jealousy over who Patch is spending his time with.  We are also introduced to Scott, an old childhood friend who suddenly moves back to Coldwater.  However, he has secrets of his own and we aren't sure throughout most of the story whether he is a hero or villain.  Vee continues to crack me up.  She is always there when Nora needs her, unless she has something better to do, like make out with her new boyfriend who just happens to be Patch's best friend Rixon.

This book focuses more on what really happened to Nora's dad.  She is sent a few threatening messages and keeps thinking that she sees and hears her dad.  She is determined to find out the truth but finds out that sometimes, the truth isn't really what we want to hear.

And again, at the end, just when I think Patch and Nora have overcome yet another huge obstacle, I read the excerpt from the next book and find that yet another hurdle is in their way... and here we go again.  Next up, Silence.  :)


  1. Thanks for the review!

    Do you normally have a link to read the synopsis?

  2. I do have the link to the next book but I guess I should put one in for those you aren't familiar with the books at all. Thanks.