Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: The Night is Watching

I've read several sets of Heather Graham's "Krewe of Hunters" novels and enjoyed them.  They always have a nice combination of suspense, romance, and mystery, usually involving something "ghostly."  The criminal's however, are usually human.

This book focuses on Jane Everett, an FBI agent who can often see the dead and who is also a forensic artist.  She is called out to a small, supposedly haunted town in Arizona to investigate a very old skull that was found in a theater.  The Sheriff there is the "oh so good looking" Sloan Trent, and while the two main characters do get off on the wrong foot, they soon work as a team and then of course, take it to the next level.

Jane soon begins seeing the ghosts of two people who were murdered years ago, one of them being the great great grandmother of Sloan.  Apparently, there was a plan to steal a stagecoach filled with gold and those who found out about this plan were murdered before they could talk.  In the present, new attacks and a murder or two also occur and Jane and Sloan need to put together the past to uncover what is happening in the present.

I read this book in one day, as I usually do with Heather Graham's stories.  It wasn't too long and I thought it was fun to try to guess who was really the true criminal and why they committed the crimes.  Heather's novels aren't really deep, they are just good all around fun for those people like me who just enjoy a good paranormal mystery.  She has two more books coming out in this set, one in August and the third in September.  If you want to start at the beginning to see how this FBI branch that investigates the paranormal was created, start with Phantom Evil.  Her books run in sets of three with each set focusing on different characters in the Krewe of Hunters.

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