Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Guest Book Promo by Faye Hall!

I have the pleasure of sharing with you the new book by Faye Hall on my blog this week, She's Alot Like You.  Faye has kindly sent this blog post to me to share with her readers.  

She giggled knowingly. “I knew your name, Re, both your first and your last.  How could I not.”
“Then why pretend you didn’t know me?”
She shrugged casually. “Would you rather me have told those ladies that we slept together?”

-       From Faye Hall's 'She's a Lot Like You', released April 2014

            Faye Hall is an Australian author published with Red Sage Publishing. Her tales are all set in rural towns of North Queensland, Australia in the late 1800's.

Her second eBook, 'She's a Lot Like You' will be released April 2014. Set in Ravenswood, Queensland 1860, the story spans 10 years, and illustrates the constant struggles two people have to endure to be together.  They have to overcome scandal, lies, and a tie between their families neither are aware of until it is too late.

Faye’s debut eBook, 'My Gift To You' was released late 2012.  It is set in the small Burdekin shire, Queensland close to where Faye grew up. Starting in 1866, ‘My Gift To You’ tells the struggles two young people have, one hunting for those who murdered her parents, the other struggling to fit into the society around him.  Together they find a passion filled love they’d dared not dream existed.

Throughout the script, Faye has mentioned a few native Australian icons such as Black Opals and Gidgy seeds, her way of including some of her countries unique heritage into her script.

A third eBook has also been contracted also with Red Sage titled 'Mistress of Purity'. Set between the townships of Sarina and Proserpine, it promises to bring suspense…scandal and intrigue unlike no other. There’s old estate houses…secrets passageways…murderers…hidden desires…

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