Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick Review: Friends w/o Benefits and Love Hacked

Normally, I wouldn't review two books at a time, but not only did I buy both of these at once after reading and loving Neanderthal Seeks Human, but I also read them both in a day and a half, and when you have two children and a full time job, that's saying a lot.  I've stated before that I am not normally a romance reader as a genre in itself but these books are the exception.  The Knitting in the City series by Penny Reid has changed my mind.  The snarky humor has me consistently laughing out loud or at the very least, leaves me with a wide grin on my face as each relationship goes through all of its ups and downs and constant emotional craziness.  The strong bond between the women in the knitting group reminds us of the importance of friendship and of having someone to share your thoughts with and of course, knit a few sweaters while you're at it.  The stories of each member of the group remind us of the intensity and passion and chaos of new love and taking that huge step onto the next path in life.  The characters are real, each having their own story, and each  quirky and endearing in unique ways, which is why I cannot wait to read about the next knitting club member's path to true love.  Check out all of Penny Reid's books and more on her blog at reidromance.blogspot.com.


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