Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mini review: Neverland and Pan's Revenge

Neverland and Pan's Revenge, both by Anna Katmore, are books I read while on vacation.  They were both fun with a lot of adventure and romance.  Not for anyone under about 15 however because there is some adult content.  Not much, but it is there.  What I loved about these books is that it twists the story a bit.  Hook is still a ruthless pirate and Peter is the boy who never wants to grow up but there is a lot of original material here which I thought kept with the story but gave it a lot more appeal.  The romance between Hook and Angel begins to change Hook and the curse that is finally lifted from Neverland changes Peter, giving each the opposite personality compared to what we are used to.  I kind of liked reading about a compassionate Hook and an angry immature Peter Pan.  It was different but engaging.  Angel was very likable as the female lead and Tami made an excellent Tinkerbelle, who we don't get to see enough about in the story.  Smee is also present in the book but is given a more intelligent image than in the original.  These are quick reads, perfect for vacation.  Anyone who enjoys the young adult adventure romance genre and loves fairy tales will enjoy them. Happy reading!

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  1. Oh nice quick reviews! I just learned of these books not too long ago! Put the first one on my wish/bday/xmas list! Although may just buy them myself since they're ebooks! I loooove a good Peter Pan twist! Actually just read Hook a few weeks ago, which in turn has Hook as a more tortured hero type, it was interesting and wouldn't mind seeing another take on that front!