Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: For Everything a Season

I love books about witches and warlocks and magic.  When I was approached about reading For Everything a Season in exchange for an honest review, I was excited as soon as I saw the teaser. An old spooky house and stories about the Salem Witch Trials gave promise that this would be a good read. 

Synopsis from Amazon:
Not all the witch trials took place in Salem. And there are people in nearby Rachael Crossing who believe the abandoned old house in their midst has roots going back to those awful times. 

Determined not to be spooked by vague rumors, Deborah Colby leases that house for the summer and when she meets Ethan Burke, she's certain she's made the right decision - certain her whole life has been leading her there to him.

My Review:
This book was actually really interesting.  For the first half, it goes back and forth from present day to the 1600's when people in the area were being accused of witchcraft and executed.  We see as readers, the hysteria and how fear drove people to make rash decisions and participate in violent acts. It was fascinating to read but also eye opening when you think about how out of control this time in history really was.  In the present day story, we have Debra, who is looking for a change in her life. Slightly past her prime and under the constant criticism of her sister, she decides to get away for the summer and rents the old house near where these historical events occurred.  I won't give away spoilers but the two time periods connect well and we get to see some classic horror story elements such as dreams, waking visions, old artifacts, and some souls who are not quite ready to rest.

The events that occur in this story aren't really what I would call frightening but there were a few edge of my seat moments.  Most events are more interesting than that, more psychological.  I really liked the character of Mr. Darcy, the old man who Debra began to visit to hear about the history of the house and its occupants.  I didn't put everything together right away but once I did, I was impressed with the direction that the story went. It was original and not what I was expecting.  I was also pleasantly surprised with how the book ended.  It left me with a lot to think about because one big question isn't quite answered.  If you like more of a mind bending story rather than your typical ghosts haunting an old house, this book has what you are looking for.  I found it to be quite enjoyable.

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  1. Yay these kinds of books are actually really interesting to me!! :D I can't wait to read it. The cover catches my eyes haha. thanks for the review! :)
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