Sunday, January 15, 2017

Review: Eligible

Eligible is described as a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice and that is exactly what it is.  I picked it up on Audible for my ride to work and hoped for the best. It did not disappoint. I really liked it and the narrator was perfect for the story.

The characters were all perfectly portrayed and I have to give a special shout out to Mrs. Bennett.  She was created perfectly in both style and narration and I know this because she drove me nuts.  I literally wanted to cover my face in my hands, but of course this wasn't possible because I was driving.  Just like in the classic, her main interest was to marry off her daughters to worthy husbands.  However, in this version, she was the sheltered wife, still mentally living in an age overly concerned with proper etiquette and not adapting to modern culture and ways of living.  I give her character the most kudos in that she made me wince (or laugh) with compassion for her daughters almost every time she opened her mouth.

The Bennett sisters were also written extremely well.  Their life stories were interesting and just like in the original, their paths to happiness were riddled with obstacles. Ultimately however, they all found what they were looking for in life, even if it wasn't exactly what their mother was hoping for, which was part of what made the story so enjoyable.

Not usually a fan of the romance genre on its own, I would tell almost any fiction reader to pick this book up.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and may even reread it in the future.  Really engaging and a lot of fun to read. Definitely one I plan to add to my shelves in the hardcover version.

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