Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review: Everland

My favorite fairy tale has always been Peter Pan and I've read almost every book I can get my hands on that tells this tale, no matter what twist the story takes.  Everland was Peter Pan told with a Dystopian twist and I really enjoyed it.  

Pete is the leader of the children who have survived the invasion and disease that hit their home.  Hook is the captain of the German marauders that invaded England, and Gwen is the key to everyone's survival because she holds the cure to the disease that has killed almost all of the adults and is slowing beginning to take the children as well.  Not only are they trying to survive but they are also in need of a cure to the disease.

The story is engaging and has plenty of action. The characters all bring back memories of the original story but are also uniquely written to fit this genre.  Very clever twist on the story and worth picking up even you aren't a Peter Pan fan.

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  1. Ooh nice! I love fairy tale retellings!! Peter Pan is one of my faves as well and I have this one in my TBR pile to read! Glad to hear it was an enjoyable read! Nice review!