Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pimping my Blog #2

No work today due to the snow, so while I'm rearranging some things in my sidebars, I found myself slightly annoyed because there seemed to be so much extra space between each widget/item.  I wanted my widgets to be closer together so that less space would be wasted and people wouldn't have to scroll down so far to find everything.  I just thought it would look nicer and be more efficient so I began to research if this was possible.

So easy!  I love the way my sidebars look now.  I thought other "newer" bloggers might want to fix this as well so I thought I would share how simple it was so that you can do it too.

Step #1:
Go to "Design" in Blogger.  Choose "Template" and click the "Customize" button
Step #2:
Choose "Advanced" and then scroll down to "Add CSS"
Step #3:
Add this code (you can change the 5px to a larger number if you feel items are now too close):
    .widget {
          margin: 5px 0 0 0;
      *Make sure you hit "enter" on your keyboard after the last line.  Finally, apply to your blog.  That's it!
       I think it makes a nice difference.  Enjoy!



      1. I love your blog design. It's very clean and easy to read. Kudos!!

        1. Thank you! I learn something new every day. :)